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About Us

YoMats is a Berlin based Yoga Brand made by Yoga Teachers for Yoga Lovers!!

YoMats are environmentally friendly produced Yoga mats, made of natural tree rubber. They are eco-friendly, colorful, uniquely designed and tap into the demanding Zeitgeist for an open-minded earth connected lifestyle.

The Berlin based founders are global travelers, with a great passion for different cultures, rituals and magical places.

Their impressions from all over the world manifest in the ethnic designs of YoMats. They feel honoring ethnic cultures is an expression of tradition and connection to mother earth. 

The founders want to share their passion for Yoga, style, freedom and tradition. They love to inspire Yoga practitioners to rise above themselves, creating a strong, positive way of thinking.

YoMats are not made by a big company, but by two free spirits living the yogic and urban lifestyle. They created a product, they felt was missing.

Until today, both share a love for travelling with open eyes and hearts.