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ONE World

It is a matter of heart to us to make other not so fortunate people´s lives easier and more enjoyable.

With each purchase each customer contributes to YoMats helping others. Each YoMat counts!

Your purchase will support our friends at EarthChildProject.

Earthchild Project is a registered nonprofit based in South Africa, Cape Town, established in 2007. They work with over 2,000 children in 7 different schools in underprivileged and under-resourced communities, working directly within the education system and schools. They provide Yoga, mindfulness and healthy living classes to promote holistic education, driven by the belief that learning and transformation occurs only when we are connected to ourselves, others and our environment.

For many of the children, it´s much needed safe and nurturing space that allows them to connect with themselves, others and the environment.

For every YoMat sold, we support Earthchild Project and help Share the Love of Yoga. Just R200 / €15 / $16 provide a child with weekly Yoga lessons for a year.

Find out more about the Earthchild